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Starting New Worshiping Communities Training

November 12-14, beginning at 10 AM Tuesday and concluding at noon on Thursday

Location: Princeton Seminary, Princeton, NJ

Registration is online through the Princeton School of Christian Vocation and Mission. Click here to get information and to register.

Cost: $280 includes program and meals


Discern the core values and plans for ministry, outreach and leadership for starting a new worshiping community in your context. The events at San Clemente Pres and Princeton will focus on the newly revised Starting New Churches resource.

Who Should Attend?

Presbytery and Church Teams working to start a new church. We strongly encourage that the entire team attend this event. Teams who have at least 3 people will receive the added benefit of working with a coach on your projects during all of the breakā€out sessions.

What Will We Learn?

This period of training and discernment will not present "the only way" to start a new worshiping community but will rather explore the many possibilities for starting new ministry with the people God has placed on your hearts. Teams will go on area site visits and will hear from presenters with a wide variety of experiences and contexts.

How have others benefitted?

2 years ago, a church team joined us for this conference, and since then, have started a vibrant worshiping community that has connected with a working class neighborhood in North Carolina.

Last year, a church team attended this conference, and are now looking for the organizing leader for a new church their existing church is seeking to birth.

A year ago, a seminary student developed a vision for a ministry with an RV community.  Today she is living in that community, leading Bible Studies and worship, and recounting stories of countless changed lives.

2 years ago, a presbytery team came to this conference, and today they are working with 3 new worshiping communities, and have identified 5 potential leaders to equip for future projects.

This is just a glance at the ways this conference is helping folks get traction and energy for the work of starting new ministry.  How could you benefit from intentional discernmnet?




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